new video up, it is confirmed cryptomines "Eternal" has b

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Cryptomines eternal is now dead, the team are now making a new game with different economics, so it has been killed. Token sniffer link twitter page medium artical In case anyone is wanting to open a Crypto wallet/ account here are some referral links. To get started in crypto a lot of exchanges offer a joining incentive, click the links to get free stuff. Join up with Swissborg with and get a potential £100 bonus I use Swissborg to buy the majority of my BTC and ETH as it also has a yield wallet function that can give you up to 10% yield on BTC and 17% on ETH much better than leaving money in the bank. If you are worried about crypto crashing, then just convert the money into USDc which is pegged to the US dollar, and Swissborg has been able to give up to 32% interest on that (the interest rate changes daily) Join up with Coinbase and get $10 when you deposit £100 Coinbase is a great place to get started and learn about the different tokens and coins and there are learning resources where you can earn Crypto just for watching an educational video on different coins. In total I have made around £35 free just watching the videos. and Join and get $25 when you buy £300 of its native currency called CRO. and a code for joining exchange platform This is a new platform I am getting used to, it seems to have a few glitches on my iPad but works better on my android phone, it also has a lot of yield possibilities for different cryptos, but if you are worried about any currency falling, just invest in True GDP or True USD and get up to 10% interest by staking for 3 months, which at the end you get your money back and the interest. All far better ways of having your money earn you more money than leaving it in a savings account in a bank. if you have any questions about it, feel free to drop me a message or reply to this comment, happy to help.