Wow eternal price drop like stone, what happen ?

  Whenever eternal price move, it break my plan, as all my eternal are in nft form. Just curious what happen to the game, or it just some whale playing with crypto again ?

  Several whales sold their $ETL above 650 USD and when the prices drop to 280 USD, they bought back. Just pure whale manipulation. Instant profit for them. Actual loss for the newbies and paper hands.

  Manipulation at its best, will take a long time for investors to trust this coin, I have been buying on the way down thinking it can't go much lower, just goes to show there's a bottom below the bottom you know, I watched all my alts lose up to 50% last March, that was mild compared to this, bought my last buy in at 68 bucks, have been buying since it hit 300 , still sitting at 50% down overall , won't buy more , wait and see if the whales that dumped the price do buy back in, but from 700 down to 68, far out, I am a believer when everyone is wetting their pants and crying in their milk thats the time to buy

  Talk about a black hole tho… I still wish I could understand how it dropped nearly 97% in 2 weeks.. like anybody can share what we should have seen or could have seen to know it was going to be this bad? Like everything is crashing… but nothing on this scale… I just wanna learn from it..

  it's just a ponzi cracking down...

  It was not about gameplay, not about people who loved the game, but only loved to take profits out. This was clearly a business model, how to make money. The only "joy" of the game was to see what % of your flotilas returned back successfully with mined eternal :-). No one would spend 500 bucks and say, I'm fine having this money locked in the game, because it is awsome and fun to play (compared to e.g. CSGO, where people easily spend thousands on skins with no option to pull the money back to real life, out of steam platform. Just because they love CSGO).

  Cryptomines was just too greedy payout system which required exponential growth of users putting their money in, which was not sustainable anymore. this is not one whale guys, but thousands of people expecting to pull thousands of dollars daily each, out of this game... my 2 cents... sorry...