Price volatility takeaway

  If I'm learning anything from this price movement it's to have strategies for when the price is high as well as when it drops (like right now). For example: when we were near $700 I started buying up 1 star workers for 0.006 ETERNAL. I did this because I had confidence the price would correct. Now that the price is low I am burning these 1 stars I will never use for 0.15 ETERNAL. I understand it's the same $ value but I am still being rewarded with more ETERNAL. This strategy aligns with my intention to play this game over a longer period of time. This is just one part of my approach at having good strategies.

  If you're going to play this game know exactly what you want out from it; formulate strategies that work regardless of the price of ETERNAL.

  Always keep an eye on the 3 and 4 star worker and ship marketplaces for a flip, especially when price is moving.

  It is important to continuously be minting wherever the price goes(especially for beginners). That said be patient when it comes to minting, if you see the price took a huge jump; this is a good time to mint given you will be paying less $ETERNAL. If the price suddenly drops a bunch today, mint 25-50%less than you would’ve minted yesterday.

  My advice is to just keep mining and hold your Eternals. Crypto bull run will happen again on January-Feb2022 so just keep stacking your eternals to maximize your gains for next year. If you also check the 2022 road map of Cryptomines from their Medium article, they have plenty of new things in store for next year that can boost Eternal i.e. Their own DEX, PVP, lottery, lands and more:

  yep, me thinks minting less, contracting less, and just stockpile more on the free market.... haha.... 10 ETL for a contract!.... like a possible 7000 dollar contract.... hmmm.... lol, seems too polished of a 'game', to just dump and fizzle, imo. thanks for sane text string.... haha