cryptomines price

Selling Fleet, Nice price

It mean most of his worker are combine of rank 2-4(and not 4 alone). In new update, worker 4-5 has more value. so you better scout for worker 4-5 and build fleet full of them, and not worker 2-3 inside too, better than his fleet. And he do...

cryptomines price

Price volatility takeaway

If Im learning anything from this price movement its to have strategies for when the price is high as well as when it drops (like right now). For example: when we were near $700 I started buying up 1 star workers for 0.006 ETERNAL. I did th...

cryptomines price

Price fully down, how to survive?

My contract is about to end plus contract price looks very high. Impossible to buy contract now. Yeah it is also not wise to close our eyes and say If I cant see the problem, then it does not exist. I personally have been looking at the rew...

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